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Originally Posted by RKORadio
I'm just saying that Connery was past his peak acting-wise. A Connery with the skils of the 1962 Connery would have been better.
Sorry, my dear RKORadio, but this is a ridiculous claim. Some of Sean's most notable performances of his entire career were between 1986-1990. The same year that he was filming "Crusade", he received his 1st & ONLY Oscar award for "The Untouchables" in 1987. Winning an Oscar in 1988 was a crowning acheivement and a good example of his 2nd peak (which he is personally proud of).
Originally Posted by Temple Raider
I first saw TLC when I was about 8 or 9, caught it on the USA Network. I saw TOD first when I was probably just a year or two old and ROTLA not long
after that. I'd spent my childhood with ROTLA and TOD, and didn't even know TLC existed until I caught it on USA. Imagine my surprise when I found out about another IJ film


About the dog moment, it's not that I forgot about it in the film, I just forgot to mention it before in the discussion. It doesn't really bother me per say but it does strike me as a little odd that Indy's namesake comes from the family dog of all things, but it's actually not a negative for me, mind you. Just something I find bizarre.
This is why I want to know WHEN you first saw "Crusade" (as in, what year). You talked about your age but never mentioned what year...and this detail is rather important in order to fully understand your frame of mind at the time. (Personally, I think it's vital to know how old Raven members are...)

In 2013, if you still find Indy's namesake to be bizarre, then perhaps you're unaware that the character was named after Lucas' own dog*? Indiana, the dog, was mentioned as early as 1977 in "The Making of Star Wars" TV special and the reference was repeated over & over since that time. By 1989, it was a known fact amongst Lucas fans that Indiana Jones was named after his dog and the line in "Crusade" was an inside, tip-of-the-hat. (If you didn't know about this until now, then I can understand why you find it bizarre.)

*Here at The Raven, the REAL ownership of the dog was uncovered by Rocket Surgeon. It belonged to George's wife-at-the-time. It was actually Marcia's dog!
Originally Posted by AndyLGR
I think overall TLC takes the comedy angle a bit further than Raiders ever did.
Too right, Andy. "Last Crusade" could be categorized/classified as a comedy because it's over-loaded with jokes.
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