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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
True, he didn't spend any time there in the past two films...

(But as far as villainy goes? Yeah, the rogue military guy is still an idea with potential. And they've even got General Ross as cover to show that they're not all like that.)

Every time I hear the name 'General Ross' I think of the Hulk, and then the atomic explosion in the desert which Indy barely survives. There seems to be an obvious connection. After the explosion the Hulk is hunted by the military, and Indy himself is also distrusted for a time.

Not sure they would revisit that Indy vs the US military plot. I'd like to see him abroad with a foreign nemesis, unless #5 was bold enough to go the Hitchcock route with a North by Northwest thriller at home. (Such a tale of intrigue would better suit the more mature character, but not necessarily the audience expecting KOTCS part 2.
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