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Originally Posted by RedeemedChild
We've got aliens in the pipes thanks to the story plot of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and there is no reason why the next Indiana Jones film can't utilize aliens and extraterrestrial encounters.

Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
Except for the unpopularity of the aliens direction. Most of the people I've talked to who like Indiana Jones but don't love the films have criticized the direction. Aliens are fine for a one-off, but it would be very odd if a few years down the road 2 of the 5 Indy movies were straight out of von Daniken.

I agree WillKill, each movie so far has had a different god/entity. It would be uncharacteristic to repeat the alien thing.

If there are "aliens in the pipes" thanks to KOTCS, I hope that Lucas and Spielberg call the plumbers in before embarking in earnest on #5.
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