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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Obviously they won't, but I'm simply trying to argue my case that Indy won't make a billion. I also really can't see the series making it to a sixth part. Spielberg suggested turning Indy female but we (and Disney) have already seen the backlash to the female Ghostbusters film and the female Doctor Who.

Even if you don't go the risky female Indiana Jones route, I really don't think there's much demand for Indiana Jones in general - Harrison, no Harrison, new actor or not.

I also think people here overestimate Harrison Ford's star power. The only reason TFA did so well wasn't because of Harrison but the possibility of seeing Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie etc again....I think Harrison these days, on his own, is a box office dud. When was the last time he had a real hit on his own merits?

I just think they're making a product with very little demand for it.

Indiana Jones isn’t a Star Wars or MCU.... but that doesn’t mean it’s not a massively successful franchise. Do you realize how many films and film series would LOVE to be as big as Indiana Jones? Disney just did Pirates 5 which made as much as Indy 4 made and got WAY lower reviews. That’s just an example.
Indiana Jones is a huge films series, it just hasn’t pumped out film after film like most franchises. And that’s ok, it goes at the pace of its star and creator.

It’s certainly more in demand than the DCEU, and those keep getting pumped out like candy.
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