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Originally Posted by Face_Palm
Indiana Jones isnít a Star Wars or MCU.... but that doesnít mean itís not a massively successful franchise. Do you realize how many films and film series would LOVE to be as big as Indiana Jones? Disney just did Pirates 5 which made as much as Indy 4 made and got WAY lower reviews. Thatís just an example.
Indiana Jones is a huge films series, it just hasnít pumped out film after film like most franchises. And thatís ok, it goes at the pace of its star and creator.

Itís certainly more in demand than the DCEU, and those keep getting pumped out like candy.

But with the Pirates comparison -
Pirates has had a continuous presence in pop culture since 2003. It stars Johnny Depp who I would argue has, at this point, especially among the 18-34 year old crowd, more star power than Harrison Ford. It's been continually present in pop culture for 15 years; Millenials and now Generation Z have experienced it. It's nostalgic to younger people in that sense, which helps to draw in seats.

Indy on the other hand...KOTCS was compared to the prequels. It did very well but how much of that was 19 years worth of hype, anticipation, desire and nostalgia? It's hard to be measured.

And like I said earlier, in terms of brand presence, Indy has had no presence since 2008. Nothing to keep the series in the public eye or to keep it relevant with younger people. What does Generation Z know of Indiana Jones, really? What about younger Millenials?

What's the 'catch' of seeing a new Indy movie?
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