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"LC, for me, was... "frivolous" perhaps"

That's a wonderful description of LC... I agree... though I might not paint it in as positive a light as you might.... I found the frivolity distracting more than I found it complimentary....

"ToD simply was... lacking style"
ToD had 'style' up the wazoo! It was WAY more in the 'style' of historic adventure movies, especially the serials upon which Indy draws most of his inspiration, than either Raiders (A close 2nd) or LC (3rd, but still better than a TON of movies)

I suspect one could easily take ToD, grey-scale it, chop it into 10-15 minute segments and run it side by side with the best of the old Adventure Serials and it'd play quite nicely.

"i find no real english equivalents for the words i'd use"
English can be a frail and inflexable language....
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