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Originally Posted by ClintonHammond
"just was a more mature kind of humor"

Just goes to show how different people can see one thing in two totally different ways.... cause I wouldn't call thge humour in LC 'mature' in the least.....

"not a humorous comedy character"
He sure was in LC

Case in point: A very undignified Indy rolling down the stairs to the boat dock level in LC, his shadow following after.

Classic Stooges move, wouldn't you say?

Later he says with a bloodthirsty growl: "All I have to do is squeeze," which creeps me out every time. Hard to believe it was the same guy who rolled head over arse down a flight of stairs.

Yes, some of the humor was definately more mature, but it also has some of that signature goofy Indy humor involving
smart-aleck quips and sight gags.

Personally, I love the way LC seems to poke holes in Indy's roughness and pride in an "Indiana Jones Roast" kind of way. Indy came off as kind of a jerk in some ways in LC, and I loved it.

But back on topic as to why you love Temple of Doom!
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