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I finally read it, and should have earlier. I was put off by "book one" (there is no book two) and Indy's birthday listed as 1889. But it's a very detailed adaptation of Demons of Deception and deserves to be repackaged as such with suitable cover art. It refers to almost every chronicle before and several after. If Luceno got a crack at novelizing Peacock's Eye, I think he could fill in every gap between this and Peril at Delphi. It has a French vocab list of hundreds, and nowhere does it say "file under young adult." Excerpts:
"Verdun wasn't so much an overworked mine as it was a labarynth out of Greek myths. Except that the fabled minotaur was on the outside." Hmm, maybe Interior World was not just a long drug trip, but also a WWI flashback for Indy?
Remy's ode to Paris: "No stink of piss or **** or death in the air." He proceeds to make "an obscene gesture with his right forefinger and left fist." Tom the ambulance driver says Remy "better report for short-arm inspection when he's through" and grabs his (own) crotch. Tonight, on ABC: "all Indy wanted to do was get his ashes hauled."
Shortly into his "penetration operation," a glimpse at Indy's internal monologue: "What if he couldn't get aroused? What if he got aroused and didn't know what to do? Daniel Beard's American Boys Handy Book hadn't delved into that." Some circular motions of loins, then "it was over almost as soon as it began. Remy had been right about that. But the second time, all credit to M'Greet's instructions, Indy had held out." "Henri had the stamina of youth, rising to the occasion, as it were, time and time again." Cue Raiders March! At the sound of the whip, turn the page.
Next day, Mata Hari "douched with a spermicide solution prepared from a powder supplied to her by an English druggist on rue de la Paix." It's as if millions of Shias suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced! She compares her breasts to "fruits gone bad and squashy."
Finally, here's what I believe is the closest you'll ever get to a Lucas cameo. "What came to mind... was a fragment of a dream from the postcoital nap he and M'Greet had taken. He wondered how Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung or some other alienist might interpret its meaning."
That's all for tonight's Raven after dark steamy book club! Please stack the chairs as you exit.
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