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Hi there

As I promised, here’s the new tutorial!!!

I’ve been quite busy in these days (you know, University takes a lot of time!) so I’ve just made this short guide right now…I hope it will be useful!

Here’s the tutorial to turn your hat to a “very looking like" Raiders Fedora:

Beware: Use this tutorial at your risk!!!

NOTE: to complete this tutorial you’ll have to modify your hat following the previous tutorial instructions!

Part 1: Hightening the crown

If you correctly made the old tutorial, your hat should look like mine(pic 1)…Now, put your hand in the inner side of the hat and push all out (pic 2).

Part 2: Reshaping again!

When your hat will be like this(in pic 3), wet it with water around the crown (pic 4), then use three pegs as shown (in pic 5). You'll have to fix the pegs in the higher part of the crown.

Of course, I suggest you to use something soft between the hat and the peg to avoid any scratches.

Part 3: Waiting to become a true Adventurer!

You’ll have to wait for some hours before your hat will be dried….and then you’ll have to repeat all those operations again to fix it in a “definitive” way!...Then you’ll get your personal Raiders Fedora you !

PS: If the pegs will make some imperfections, I WARMLY suggest you to use BVance method to correct any scratch!

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