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I really think more Jungle cutter scenes were omitted due to the gorey implications. There just seems like too much effort was originally put into the vehicle for it to be destroyed so quickly in the film. If you look at the toy (or detail pics) There are extra roller crushers on the top at the front (very similar to the rock crusher in ToD). I'm pretty sure their inclusion was not just coincidence (Ed Natividad who designed it has a major in transportation design and illustration), and that someone (Dovchenko) was supposed to die a-la Pat Roach in ToD. In the DK ultimate Indy book, it also notes the JC had heightened smoke stacks, leading folks to believe it was supposed to have some sort of aqautic ability.

More JC scenes would have been awesome, IMO. I can't see all those Russians getting thrown in there and body parts and blood flying everywhere like the wiki article says, but one or two well shot fatalities would have been good. Seeing someone get run over under the JC treads would have been quite good as well.

Anyway, I'm still pleased we got a Jungle Cutter toy. It's a perfect rendition, and they got a lot of toy into the box for the money.
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