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Wow, that was a good long read!
I must say I would have to agree with Insomniac and konisking people have been beating on KoTCS for way to long, I mean these people take the time to construct a film of this grandture, for the fans may I add, for what to have it shredded up by blood thirsty fanboys, like you could do any better!

Anyway I thought that 'alternitive' scene was awsome, though I like the final cut as well it could have had more Jungle cutter action.

I would have had it go a bit like this:
Indy climbs into the back and finds the RPG and fires it at the Cutter, but unlike the Raiders style 'quick fix' with the swords man, Indy misses in true Temple of Doom fashion (unable to shoot the Thuggee he must engage him in a duel). Indy and the gang climb into the next duck and speed off after the cutter. Indy climbs aboard and knocks the driver to the floor. Meanwhile Dovchenko awakens and head after Indy. Marion and Mutt come up alongside Irina, who also happens to have Mac and Ox in the same jeep. Mutt, having picked up a sword lunges at Irina and engages her in a duel. Mutt continues to duel until he gains a chance to steal the skull, he does so with gusto. Marion attempts to veer off but is tailed by Irina. Back on the Jungle cutter Indy fends off the driver as he turns for Irina. The driver begins to chock Indy; he gets up and flicks his head back hitting the driver. Indy trows him forwards towards the blades. The driver maintains balance. Indy raises his fist again to strike again when a stray branch hits the drive sending him into the window and then back over the edge into the blades. The blood sprays up onto the windshield. Indy knocks out the window and continues to follow Irina. Back with Mutt, he continues to duel Irina when Indy comes up behind them. This distracts Irina Mutt pushes her onto their duck. Marion jumps cars, punches the driver out and takes control. Irina is left to control her own duck. One of Dovchenko's men climbs aboard the cutter and clambers for control. Indy engages him in a small fist fight. After this 'fight' Indy elbows the soldier to the floor and gets to the controls. There he turns off the blades and turns for the biggest tree he can see. With that Indy makes a leap over to Marion's jeep and we cut to the helpless Russian screaming as he hits the tree and explodes. Indy the grabs Mac and threatens to push him off, then we get the CIA stuff. Then we cut to the final part of the chase on the cliffs edge and into the Ants sequence as such!
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