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Originally Posted by Sea Monarch
It's true, that we can still recognize when something has been artificially lit. Still, I don't mind the color gels, or sheen they gave this sequence. It seems to befit the pulp serials these sequences pay homage to. I also love this sequence because we finally get to see some extended play of Indy in the jungle! A setting that we can almost imagine Dr. Jones spending a good deal of his adventures in, yet till now, we only got to see him there briefly, in the Beginning of ROTLA, and on the road to Pankot in TOD.

Sort of, another thing I don't like if how there are like perfectly cut roads. Now you can saw that was the Jungle cutter, but they had blown it up before they got that far. The type of Jungle I want to see Indy in is the lush, vibrant, thick jungle, not sparse and hollow. While it may have been in the jungle, it sure didn't seem like it.

I can see SO many action/horror opportunities with that Jungle Cutter each time I look at it (I write my own action adventure series), and it's ripe with possibilities. Like someone sliding between the cutting and the plow part, being in sheer terror as it nearly cuts their abdomen open. GAWD DAMMIT SPEILBERG.
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