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Originally Posted by metalinvader
One of the worst aspects of Instruments of Chaos is the enemies...No I'm not talking about the Germans spies or the Arab swordmen..I mean the ****ing BIRDS! Seriously,In the India level it's damn near impossible to get the door open with out falling due to being hit by one of those freakin' birds! Gah!

Oh..and the first level of Egypt has got to be one of the most frustrating levels of all time.Friggin' sand storms!

Agreed on all points.

And the goddamn lake is horrible. Either you misjudge the jump or a ****ing fish jumps up out of nowhere and knocks you into the water. UGH. Pain in the ass.

Or getting to the spy in that same level and being knocked ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE TOWER. It's happened to me. I've also been knocked down like 20 stories (and survived the fall... go figure) during the spy battle.

The whole game is a mess. Sloppiest thing ever.

The NES Young Indy game is much better but still not great. And way too damned hard. Don't bother roming it; every copy I've downloaded (and every emulator I've tried it on) freezes up during the second level. I do own the actual cartridge though.
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