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Originally Posted by JasonMa
Sadly that's a little outside my price range. Too bad, because I'd love to see that lounge.

Don't spend all your money on the Disneyland Hotel*. If you email them, they might have an option for a flight only.

Originally Posted by JasonMa
Actually considering going to a Rangers-Dreams game while I'm there.

Don't forget to stand during the national anthem. It's going to be hotter than Angelina Jolie circa 2000 (or Shakira circa Hips Don't Lie), so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time in air conditioning. Bring Lamisil.

* - By staying out in Sunny Bay you're going to waste a lot of time commuting back and forth.

Get your truck back.

Originally Posted by Pale House
You're no fun. LOL

There are plenty of other weird things to eat that don't taste like glue. Century eggs and turtle jelly for example. Sea slugs too.

I'll write something more involved a bit later.
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