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I still have the whole Find Your Fate series from when I was a kid! In fact, Eye of the Fates was the first Indiana Jones book that I ever bought. Picked it up at the school book fair in 1986, and my parents ordered the rest of the series for me using the order form in the back. So I got the whole set in one bundle, and I literally read the covers off of them!

But the hardback editions were even cooler. I remember that our school library (at Hahn Elementary School, in Germany) had the Indy series in hardback, and I would borrow them relentlessly because of how cool it was to tote them around in my backpack all the time (even though I already had the whole series in paperback at home). I *still* wish I owned the hardbacks, with the glossy covers and cardboard binding. I really did want to keep them, but I was too honest to steal them. Damned juvenile integrity.

Some of the cover art was better than others and, let's face it, as a kid I wasn't very discriminating even though I could see that some of the portraits resembled Harrison Ford better than others. My favorite cover was Mask of the Elephant, which contained a description of Indiana Jones that is suitable for one of the adult Indy novels by MacGregor or McCoy:

What a joke he was on the boat! Round-rimmed glasses, brown suits during the day, white tux at night. The rumors said he was a college professor, and he sure looked the part—until the boat docked. Suddenly the glasses were gone and so were the brown suits. With that beat-up brown felt hat, safari jacket, pistol at his side and whip around his shoulder, he looked like he was ready to give the jungle the only kind of lecture it understood.

As a writer, it's one of those paragraphs that's so good I wish I'd written it myself!
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