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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition

A group of talented and determined fans of the most famous archeologist-adventurer in Hollywood is developing the remake of this gorgeous adventure game, now in deep development. It is just a demo (up to the three paths choice, I guess), but if Lucasfilm/Disney decides to license out they will develop the full game. There will be two versions: a ‘pure’ one, faithful to the original, and another one with some addons in the game. As far as can be seen from the screenshots the project looks very promising: HD graphics, 2.5D environment, reorchestrated music.

For more information view the following links:
- Their blog, where to read about the team members, steps e completion percentage (
- The official Facebook page with updates from the staff, screenshots and other surprises (
- More screenshots from one of the developers’ blog (
- Take a look at the teaser trailer and the development video.

All of you who wish to see great Professor Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones, Jr. again should support this project. Let’s show Disney that we want this remake!
The developers need all the support we can give, and as a first thing to do is to press 'Like' on their Facebook page. The more we are, the faster Disney might get convinced.

Share and ‘Like’ on the official Facebook page!

This topic is also opened on and the Steam game community forum.

Here is some extra updates and clarifications from the developers.

1) As for the SE he said:
“I know that most of the players are afraid of changes to the game. So, we are creating 2in1 version, where players can choose which one they wanna play. Original or Special Edition. SE will have small addons to the story we were missing in original version, because they didnt have enough space on floppy disks to put it in. So, its like showing some events more in detail.”

So, in the SE they are going to add rooms and objects that were removed from the original release. For instance, none of you ever heard of Sophia’s Bedroom?

2) He also said that he contacted many people from the original team (among them, Hal Barwood in person) and they’re all excited about the project.

3)As for the licensing he said:
“We know, that Lucasfilm wont give us a license w/o a strong person behind us…so we will try pursuit high post people at Disney (directors, CEO, producers) and ask them about personal meeting and presentation. We cannot do that, till demo is finished.
We are also opened to move to Disney studio and make the game over there, we dont care. We are also opened to open a Disney branch in Georgia, so it always stays under Disney Interactive studios.
That should be describe on meetings.”
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