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Originally Posted by TheFirebird1
The project was, however, shut down by the legal teams at Disney last year, and until a new update comes out, they're technically acting in violation of a legal notice.
They've violated nothing. They've simply chosen to ignore Disney's request. A legal notice or a C&D request is not the same as a court order. One can comply with it, or one can not and practically tell the sender that "we're not shutting down, involve the authorities if you don't like it".

And then there's of course the little matter of which authorities. This remake can technically stay alive as long as it's being developed in a country where the local copyright laws allow it.

If most of this project's development is taking place stateside, then the team is most likely in a world of hurt if they choose not to comply with Disney's notice. But if they happen to reside e.g. somewhere in eastern Europe, then there is actually a chance they're out of the reach of the mouse.
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