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Originally Posted by |ZiR|
Tilda Swinton as Gabriel was one of the cooler characters I've seen in a comic book movie.
We can agree on that much. She was the highlight of the film, IMO. I wasn't too impressed by much else, though.

Originally Posted by |ZiR|
One thing I think that's neat about the comics are the ones which portray Constantine as an aged, bloated drunk. He's not some hot pretty boy, like in some of the comics. That's a nice change, and I wish they could've make Keanu look a little worse in the film version.
I wish they hadn't cast Keanu Reeves at all. Reeves should never get another job in Hollywood.

Ideally, Daniel Craig would have been cast as John Constantine. Maybe he still could be, if they wish to take another stab at the character. He's got a bit of the rougher edge I'd be looking for, and could make a convincing performance of a character who's been through hell.
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