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Finally, a long overdue update at The Lost Tales of Indiana Jones.

New adventures have been added to the timeline. (Stoo, I hope you don't mind. I added a link to your YouTube channel.)

Also a new episode of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is up now: Le Havre, June 1916.

Looking back over previous posts, I had forgotten about the offers to contribute. Stoo, I'd love to see covers for my stories. I did one in colored pencil for Melbourne, but I'm obviously no artist. (I saw your mockup of a cover for the Jerusalem episode, and it's great.)

As for other contributions, I do a lot of historical research, and any information or advice is gladly accepted. But I love doing the writing, and I'd like to keep that to myself. (I'm not discouraging anyone from writing their own version of the unproduced episodes, though.) What kind of contribution did you have in mind, Crack?

Anyway, enjoy the new story and let me know what you think.
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