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I was at the Chicago Symphony Raiders concert today and it was fantastic!

I think it was actually a lot more fun than when I saw Raiders in IMAX back at the 30th. At that showing, pretty much everyone in attendance was already pretty well versed in the film, but today's showing at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) I think had a fair number of casual fans and some who'd never seen it at all! As such, there was great audience reaction to the action and humor throughout.

The elderly couple behind me was a particular delight with gems including: "Oh! Haha! He just shot him!"; Gasps at the reveal that Marion is still alive; and "Whew, just a coat hanger!"

As for the actual show, I agree the picture and other sound could have been better. The action sequences, particularly those without orchestral backing such as the gunfight in the Raven were terribly muted, likely to help bring out the music in other parts. Indiana Jones fights just aren't the same without the full impact of Burtt's punches. The CSO sounded fantastic, though, and even without the shots of the Flying Wing's machine gun and and roar of truck motors, the orchestrated action scenes were crystal clear and had plenty of excitement that they made me as 'giddy as a school boy'.

I also agree there was something up with the scene with Jock. The pacing of the delivery of those lines seemed much slower than I'm used to, but haven't yet popped in my copy to verify. I even turned to the group I was with and gave them a puzzled expression about the lines, but they didn't think anything was wrong. Then again, I probably have a couple dozen more viewings under my belt than them.

There was an intermission and I thought is was a very creative and smooth transitions for where they placed it. I won't spoil where it was, as the placement of the intermission provided a fun debate before the concert began. The overture to begin the second half was "Adventures of Mutt" for some odd reason, but it, too, was well performed and it's one of the best pieces from Crystal Skull, so I'm not complaining.

All-in-all, a great experience and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who's lucky enough for this concert to roll into their town.
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