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Originally Posted by DIrishB
They really should get the Omnibus editions out for these issues.

However, the original issues aren't really that hard to come by. I snagged the full run (all 34 issues in GREAT shape) off Ebay around the time Crystal Skull was released for less than $50. Works out to barely a dollar an issue. I know I might've gotten lucky, but the Marvel issues aren't too hard to find.

Especially in regards to Dark Horse needing to find them to reprint/recolor/etc the Marvel issues. A company that size shouldn't really be facing much of a challenge in finding 34 issues for reprint purposes.

I think in Dark Horse's case its more an issue of getting the rights to reprint material originally printed by Marvel. I'm not sure of the situation with the copyright for those issues: is it still owned by Marvel, or has it gone back to Lucasfilm, do Dark Horse own rights to ALL Indy comics in the US or world, etc. Its confusing as hell.

But yeah, I don't really think the issue with Dark Horse not getting around to reprinting the Marvel Indy comics really has anything to do with finding originals to make those reprints from.

Hell, I'll give them mine if it'd help get the Omnibus editions done. I'd prefer a nicely remastered, Omnibus edition (or two) over the individual issues.

And of course, if you just want to read them, you could always torrent them. I know there are many collections of Indy comics torrents around the web (including the DH comics, the Marvel movie adaptations and the Further Adventures). Of course, I only recommend that if you own the actual issues (wink, wink).

Remember what part of the world I live in. They're hard to come by down here and I am unable to order from the web and being a uni student, trying to save cash. All those factors combined equals hard to get. Supanova's the only time of year I've got half a chance and didn't manage to find any I didn't own, but on the bright side got cards and a Michael Byrne autograph card.

I never knew about the comic torrents though. I never even knew they existed. I have found the LC movie adaptions in a comic store, however I can't find #4, which is really annoying. I do personally prefer owning them, it's a lot cheaper in the long run! And I'm worried that if I track them down now and buy them, that DH will publish the volume and I'm not a fussy collector, but it would peeve me hugely!
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