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I see this fear brought up a lot on here. The 60s was a pivotal time so if they want an accurate portrayal of US campuses, they may not be able to avoid the political landscape entirely but that doesn't mean it needs to be spun one way or another, or promote an agenda (whatever that may be). It will be there visually I'm expecting, but won't go beyond that. Seeing protests against the Vietnam war around campus as Indy leaves for the airport would be an accurate image of that time and shouldn't bother anybody expect those that don't like seeing protesters at all. These things happened and there's no denying it. Now Indy leading campus walk out and Abbie Hoffman as his sidekick? Okay, maybe not!

I think it would feel strange for campuses to look as though they did in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, unless it takes place in the early to mid-sixties. Social revolution stuff was really 1967 and beyond.

Jones is a humanities professor and has been in a campus environment all of his career. He's used to seeing changes in society and I doubt we'll find him wary of social movements if somehow a scene addresses it. We won't see him debating or preaching anything politically. If anything, he may punch out a racist like he did in the novels (Hallow Earth I think). Don't think we'll see feminism as wasn't that more a '70s movement? The series could use more female characters though. Every girlfriend I've watched Indy with likes the films but one called them a "sausage party." Fighting words, I know but she had a point.
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