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Originally Posted by Katarn07
How come I loved Yoda's Stories but hated Desktop Adventures? I have both games on my PC and I can still play Yoda Stories and get some sort of enjoyment out of it but Desktop Adventures just blows the big one.

Hi Katarn07
Same thing to me! Yoda Stories is great and very enjoyable but Indy's Desktop Advenctures isn't so...Maybe they could create more worlds to explore like in Yoda Stories and not just that Lucasio city (have you ever done the level in which Indy is taken by aliens......)

However I have to admit it: I was quite sure that more people in here will have liked The Infernal Machine; maybe the graphic is poor, maybe it's more difficoult but is a real Indygame in my opinion (do you rember "Return to Peru", that was a real game!)
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