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Originally Posted by StoneTriple
NONE OF THIS IS REAL. There isn't real make-believe vs false make-believe. The novels can be whatever you want them to be. The novels are Indiana Jones stories, Lucas' thoughts on them are inconsequential.

I generally find the novels much more enjoyable than the films. Particularly the MacGregor novels. When I'm reading them (I happen to be reading one now), I'm reading an Indiana Jones story. I don't give a single moment of thought to where they are on some sort of official Lucas website\time-line\guide book\canon\etc - nor do I care what Lucas has decided they can or can't be.

Lucas doesn't make mental decisions for me.

Terrifically put StoneTriple! Weather they are canon or not really depends on whether you liked the story or not. If you loved the story enough you would still love it whether or not GL came along and said “actually, you know what people, no... that’s not canon." (Not that he would- I don't even think he's ever read a Indy novel ). You wouldn’t just burn the book and be done with the story just because he said it wasn’t canon. And if you would do this, please get opinions of your own soon!

For me I would consider:
• Peril at Delphi
• Dance of the Giants
• Seven Veils
• Genesis Deluge
• Philosopher's Stone
• Hollow Earth
• Secret of the Sphinx
All fine additions to the canon (though I am a little conflicted by the marriage to Deidre) and I don’t care if GL was to come out and say all of the Bantam book stories are canon I wouldn’t suddenly acknowledge the others (with the exception of Unicorn's Legacy and Dinosaur Eggs which are starting to grow on me). And you know why, because I like them not because someone says it happened in the EU. And then this might not be exactly true for the next person and that doesn't matter to me!

Sorry for the rant!
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