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50's B-Movie nods!

Like or hate the film…there are many, many allusions to other films in "Crystal Skull." The skull itself was basically neither good nor evil. It was just a power which, like the A-bomb, could be used for differing purposes. And it boosted IQ's by imparting the knowledge of the aliens. It could destroy a human mind if you got too big of a dose. Sound familiar? Probably not to most of you. To a classic film nerd like myself…you bet! Anyone remember the "Brain Boosting" device in "Forbidden Planet" that imparted the knowledge of the Krell? Also, remember Leslie Neilson and Anne Francis getting married at the end of "Forbidden Planet"? Remember the ancient spacecraft unearthed by subway workers in "The Quatermass Experiment," and how the glowing eyes of the skeletal reawakened aliens had strange hypnotic powers? Remember the skin tight jumpsuit, Page Boy haircut, and severe look of Patricia Laffan in "Devil Girl from Mars"? There are an awful lot of allusions to other fifties sci-fi films in this Indy epic.

But I'm too tired to write any more. I’m not entirely convinced that this was the right route to take an archaeological adventure series like Indiana Jones, but the nods were rather cool.
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