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Originally Posted by vf wing
3) Dean Charles Stanforth is listed in the credits as "Dean Stanton", a rather obvious nod to Harry Dean Stanton, another Alien cast member.

He is? If "Stanton" is his name in the credits does this mean "Stanforth" everywhere else is incorrect? Is this another Satipo/Sapito thing waiting to happen?

There was a Professor Stanton in deleted scene in LC, although both he and the other guy from that scene, Dr. Mulbray, are still listed in the credits (and appear in the novelization, it goes without saying). If it is decided "Stanton" is the Dean's name, and not Stanforth, this could mean Professor Stanton and Charles Stanton could be retconned into being the same character.

That's if he's actually Stanton in the credits. I'm gonna double-check my copy of the DVD.

Incidentally I also noticed Dovchenko's name was apparently originally going to be "Duvchenko." This is what the pre-viz sequences call him anyway.
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