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It's Not Summer Unless You Watch...

Okay, for you, what film defines the summertime? As Labor Day weekend is upon us in the States and summer comes to a close, I was wondering what my fellow Raveners favorite film to watch in the summer is and/or what film is required viewing for you every summer.

For me, hands down it is National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase. The Griswold family of Chicago embarks on a 2 week trip, which turns into hell on earth, to the fictional theme park, Wally World in California.

Man, this is a classic.

The best scene is when Clark Griswold (Chase) is trying to be all sexy for Christie Brinkley with a sandwich, and June Pointer's "Little Boy Sweet" is playing in the background. All of a sudden, Clark's wife, Ellen says, "Oh God...the dog wet on the picnic basket!" Clark then proceeds to spit his sandwich out right in front of Christie Brinkley!


If you have not scene this film, I highly recommend it. It has some serious laughs.

So, what's your summer film?
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