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Like Vacation in the summer, Christmas Vacation is required holiday viewing for me.

Some of my fave quotes from this Merry Movie:

Russ: "Dad, did you bring a saw?"

"Hey kids look, a dear!"

Ellen: "She'll see it later Clark...her eyes are frozen."

Margot: "And why is the carpet all wet Todd??"

FYI: Margot and Todd are the Griswolds' yuppy next door neighbors. Margot is played by a pre-Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Audrey: "Do you know how sick and twisted it is sleeping with your brother...I have nightmares about what he does when I'm not lying next to him."

Ellen: (same scene) "Well, I sleep with your father..."

"Yule" crack up watching this movie!
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