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There are bigger plans beyond Ford

Originally Posted by Dr.Sartorius
I only have two hopes. 1. No young sidekick. 2. No passing of the torch.

This won't be a one-off, that was done with KOTCS. This will be to reinvigorate and extend the Indiana Jones franchise into the 2020s to legions of new fans.

IJ is based on classic adventure stories, it's not about an 80-year old Indiana Jones stumbling through Vietnam in the 1960s. It's not the archetype, it won't make much sense. Disney has grander plans.

The template for success in this business is world-building and creating a universe now. That means a new series, origin story, etc. Harrison Ford will be used like he was in The Force Awakens, bringing his star power to help launch this new universe (perhaps setting it up as a frame or story-within-a story) to build out this world returning to the 1920s and 30s where a character like Indiana Jones belongs.
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