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Incredible Facts

I remember being fascinated by crystal skulls in the early 90's when my tv aired Arthur C. Clarks Mysterious World series. Today I have a book from this show that has a Skull on the cover and its sheer brilliance. I always loved that image, and I love the fact that my most favorite hero is going to have an adventure piece with it!

What I most remember is the fact that they sent the skulls to a lab, and they scanned the thing and found it was made from a single piece of crystal which is incredible, also, they found that there were no microfractures or any indication of it to be etched by metal, so the only way to do one would be to use some meticulous method that would take 300 years or something. They said the skull was an impossibility, but it was there for all to see.

I just love this artifact! And now that I know the real mcguffin Lucas was saying all along, I totally agree with this.

In fact, atlantis sounds like just a big fake after the real hard facts on the skull.
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