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Originally Posted by Joe Brody
And you seriously think that's how a kid interprets that song?

You cut me up. Teaching? You want to learn something about teaching to kids watch Fred Rogers, and trust me, he would have thrown up all Frozen and all of its narcissistic b*ll-sh*t.

Her flaw? She's what? Engaged. His? Too many to count.

I honestly feel like you give kids far too little credit. But of course, I do not know your son or the family dynamics you have going, so I could be sounding like a jackass here. But believe me, the song is much more innocent than you read it as.

And for the record...Anna's flaws are impetuousness, naivete, temper, overly trusting, reckless and the occasional insensitivity. So its not a case of 'oh, the heroine is flawless perfection while the guy's a pathetic example of humanity.' I agree, that would be messed up and damaging.
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