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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Perhaps, but given that you were predicting a possible flop three months ago[.]

I love chatting on the internet. In this thread, I observed that BHG will not do bofo box office due to stiff competition (post #23 in this thread) and would likely come in on the lower end of a predicted range (#42). How those observations got turned into me predicting a flop is beyond me.

Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
[T]hat's not bad at all. Not every film can be a Lion King/Frozen sized juggernaut. You need modest-sized hits in addition to the smashes in order to create a brand like Disney(same to how the occasional flop is inevitable).

Whatever you say.

BH6 Production and Marketing Budgets: $165M + $100M+ = $265M

BH6 Box Office = $210M Domestic + (what?) $300M International (of which Disney only gets half) = $360M

That's not the type of results that gives any c-suite executive comfort. Guardians of the Galaxy was made for less, marketed for less and released in the dogs days of summer and still kicked ass and helped move the needle of Disney stock. Do some searches, and you will even find early 2014 press out there predicting Guardians was going to be a flop.

Compare to the BH6 tailwinds: Marvel Property + Frozen & Wreck-It Halo + Huge marketing dollars + stunning animation + humor + prime release date, + Star Wars trailer buzz, and the end result is $210M domestic? That's not good. Something is lacking. Someone in Disney is not getting the job done. I submit the fundamental miss is the story.

Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Either way, the masculine side of Disney Animation can breathe a sigh of relief.

The only sigh I hear is over another could've been for Disney animation. For BH6 to end (as I understand it) with an introduction of the BHG team as if the sequel is a forgone conclusion is arrogant and further evidence of the fundamental problem of not getting it.
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