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Originally Posted by Joe Brody
...will not do bofo box office due to stiff competition (post #23 in this thread) and would likely come in on the lower end of a predicted range (#42).

I was randomly looking up box office results the other day and it looks like you were wrong; it came out on the high end of my predictions and subsequently exceeded that. Final box office tally was ~$657-million and change.

Originally Posted by Joe Brody
BH6 Production and Marketing Budgets: $165M + $100M+ = $265M

BH6 Box Office = $210M Domestic + (what?) $300M International (of which Disney only gets half) = $360M

That marketing estimate was - and is - too high. $70-80-million seems fair; otherwise, your domestic estimate was pretty close (~$220-million), but your international estimate was substantially off (~$435-million). Japanese enthusiasm really put it over the top. Plus another ~$100-million in home video sales.

Back of napkin math puts you at ~$757-million bucks in total revenue. Just chopping the box office revenue in half (using your numbers) gives you nearly $64-million in profit. Factor in profit from home video puts the flick over a hundred million in profit. That's not a bad return on investment.

Originally Posted by Joe Brody
The only sigh I hear is over another could've been for Disney animation. For BH6 to end (as I understand it) with an introduction of the BHG team as if the sequel is a forgone conclusion is arrogant and further evidence of the fundamental problem of not getting it.

Have we reached the point where anything less than a billion bucks in revenue is considered a failure?

For my money, the story skewed too young. Too family friendly. Had they aimed more for the... 13-year old boy audience then, domestically at least, I think you would have seen more traction. What's his face wearing a suit and not actually turning into a Godzilla-like creature was the worst change they could have made.

Baymax is still rad.

Has anybody picked up the art book for this yet? The concept art is fantastic, and I still want to see more of San Fransokyo. Luckily about half the book is comprised of environmental designs.

Ride the Divine Wind!

And finally: Big Hero 6 is returning to the small screen! Stan Lee let it slip a long while back -- there still might be a movie -- that they were working on a new one, but I didn't think they'd be doing a cartoon series. Of course, it keeps Hiro & Co. in the public consciousness.

Opening credits were released during D23!

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