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Driving tour of India/Nepal

I've got a bur under my saddle to go to India and Nepal. My plan/fantasy is to fly into Mumbai, rent a Land Cruiser or maybe a motorcyle, and wind my way around driving up into Nepal and maybe China/Mongolia or Myanmar, then back, although the paperwork of going into China might make it unworkable. I'm thinking 2 weeks.

Does anyone have experience with a trip of this kind? What months of the year would you go? Is English fairly commonly spoken?

And how late does The Raven stay open in Kathmandu?
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Don't go in the monsoon or in winter.
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Montana Smith
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And watch out for abominable snowmen, or you might just discover what happened to Abner Ravenwood.
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Rocket Surgeon
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Do it while you can!

The Post-Western World

Nothing lasts forever...

The economic crisis in advanced economies is accelerating the timeline in which big emerging nations like China rule the global economy. Instead of the market focusing on American shopping habits, they’ll be focused on consumers in Shanghai and Mumbai.

Hollywood is ahead of...(or leading) the curve.

It’s not a bad thing that the developing world is catching up with us. But like the Mexican teenager who dreamed of going to California just to get a job at a lumber yard and see where it leads, American teens will dream of learning Portuguese and living in Rio de Janeiro to work as a petrochemical engineer, or for the kid with only a high school education, it’s off to Jakarta to cater to the Chinese on an Indiana Jones vacation, sipping Singapore Slings and enjoying the 25 year-old exotic Californians who still can’t find a job at home.
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