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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
It's been clear to me for years that Spielberg doesn't hold Indy in as high a priority as he used to. If this film, along with KOTCS, had really been a priority then we would have had them many years ago.

Not really true. When KOTCS was made, George Lucas owned the IP. If Lucas said no to an idea, Spielberg had to accept it. KOTCS took so long to make because Lucas and Spielberg couldn't come to an agreement on a script, and also Spielberg had to make compromises to get KOTCS made IE he wouldn't do an alien story outright (the original 1995 script is basically a total sci-fi movie) but the Skull angle, and the search for the Lost City angle, put enough of an Indy feel to it for him to do it. But ulimately Lucas had final say over everything. Spielberg was ready to do it in around 2002 or so - when the City of Gods script was written - Lucas said no to that script so it was back to the drawing board.

As far as this film, Lucas sold it in 2012 and Disney only greenlit a new Indy film last year.

Spielberg has never had any legal controlling interest in Indy. The fact that Lucas even allowed him the freedoms he had creatively was because of their friendship. Lucas/Disney own the franchise and make the call to him and tell him they want to do another Indy movie. Not the other way around.

If Spielberg had been okay with a totally sci-fi Indy movie, we would've had Indy 4 in 1996 or 1997. If Lucas hadn't been so stubborn about the script, we would've had one in 2004 or 2005.
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Lucas telling autograph hunters to go get a job or beg tells you all you need to know about how he feels to this day even though his net worth is circa $7 Billion I doubt Indy 5 is a priority to him but Spielberg said a while ago he would not do it without Lucas involvement after they announced it so its still in limbo most likely!
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What Spielberg said was that George would serve as Executive Producer, but that could be little more than an honorary title depending on how involved George wants to be, which is by every indication not much.

The way I'm reading it is that Spielberg doesn't want to make it behind George's back or without his blessing. But George can always say, "You have my blessing, and I'm going play video games in my underwear."
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Originally Posted by IndyForever
Lucas telling autograph hunters
He's just trying to sneak between a latrine and a dumpster and through rude throngs to get back to retirement. Ford said about as much on Letterman a few years back. Perhaps The Terminal should have ended with the jazz musician chewing out Tom Hanks for wasting a year of his own life?

Spielberg and Koepp have stated they're getting the band back together and Lucas still gets paid. The release is delayed but not necessarily filming. Probably so Lucasfilm can stick the landing with Star Wars 9 then concentrate elsewhere.
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There is an official release date given for Indiana Jones 5, but the domain is still linked to the poorly maintained facebook-Indiana Jones-Page.

I have a real bad feeling about this!

If I was a production company of such a franchise, I would show more appreciation. I think Indiana Jones receives too little attention by Disney, for believing me that they are really interested to realize Indiana Jones 5.
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I wouldn't take that as a sign of anything. There is nothing to hawk at the moment.
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I'd actually be more worried if the domain just went to some godaddy "domain for sale" screen or a "page cannot be displayed." The fact that they have it redirecting to another site is usually a sign that they are working on a full blown website in the background and have the redirect as a temporary situation until the real site is ready to go live.

Lucasfilm does have their own Indiana Jones page at where they have sections for all 4 movies as well as the Young Indy series. The official release date is still July 10,2020 and unless that changes, I'm not going to worry about it.
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