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Is this hat close enough to Indy's?

This is not an Indy hat but a genuine vintage fedora. I am curious if you guys feel it is close enough in appearance to be mistaken for one? Is the color right?

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Looks a nice lid, and I think if worn with the jacket it might be mistaken for an Indy fedora by joe public, but the very specific shape and dimensions of Indy`s hat mean that a fan would see the differences instantly.
Its nice to have alternatives though. I have a couple of fedoras of different shapes and colours that I often wear out n about.
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Drones is spot on.

That is a very nice looking hat and at least from the picture the color is very close. The die-hards here at the Raven definitely will spot the differences in the blocking, brim shape, and the trim, but the average fan likely would be none the wiser.

I've seen for less screen-accurate hats people have tried to pass off as an Indy hat at conventions, so you'd be fine using this as an Indy hat. Plus since it's a high-quality hat, you can wear it out of costume, too!
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