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Indiana Jones: The Complete Scores (UNOFFICIAL EDITS!)

Here are some of my edits of the scores to the Indiana Jones films, I have only finished TOD, TLC, and KOTCS.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Complete:

Disc I (Score):

01 Main Title and Musical Number/A Tribute To Vernon
02 The Vial Gangsters/Shish-ka-bob
03 Once In A Vial/Crash Landing/'Nice Try'/Dashing Through The Snow...
04 Sivalinga (Alternate)/Sivalinga/Sankara/The Elephants
05 In Sight of Pankot/'What You Look At'/Pankot Palace/Disgusting Menu
06 Five Minutes/Assasin!/The Hidden Tunnel/A Spiky Situation
07 The Temple/Stealing The Stones/The Horrible Secret
08 Indy's Worst Nightmare/Short Round Houdini/'Indy, I Love You!'
09 Saving Will/Slave Children's Crusade/The Heroics of Short Round
10 Rejuvenated and Victorious/The Mine Cart Chase
11 Water Music/A Little Bridge Music/...../Return to the Village/End Credits

Disc II (Bonus Material):

12 Willie's Theme (Prauge) 2:00
13 The Mine Car Chase (Prauge) 3:31
14 Finale & End Credits (Prauge) 6:29
15 Water Music (Album) 1:53
16 The Doom March (Short) 2:04
17 To Pankot Palace (Film Version) 1:38
18 Short Round Escapes (Album) 2:22
19 Will in the Fryer (Replicated Track) 1:36
20 Parade of the Slave Children (Concert Version) 4:53
21 Once in a Vial (Album) 1:44
22 Out Of Fuel (Album) 3:22
23 Map Extension 0:38
24 Out Of Fuel (Album With Map Extension) 3:32
25 Down the Snowback (Original Intro NES Rip) 2:10

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Complete:

Act I

00 The Crusaders March
01 Indy's First Adventure
02 The Boat Scene
03 Sinister Visitors (Leaked Cue)
04 The Holy Grail (Leaked Cue)
05 Father's Study/To Venice
06 The Library (Film Version)
07 Beneath The Floors (Leaked Cue)
08 Kazim and The Rats
09 The Boat Chase

Act II

01 Into Bavaria
02 Bringing On Father
03 Discussing the Book (Leaked Cue)
04 New Ending
05 Elsa's Betrayal (Leaked Cue)
06 Market Source
07 The Capture of Marcus
08 The Austrian Way
09 Room In Flames
10 The Motorcycle Chase
11 To Berlin
12 Königgrätzer Marsch
13 To The Blimp
14 Intrigue On The Dirigible
15 Turning Around


01 The Biplane Chase
02 New Ending
03 Palace Source
04 Kazim Meets Max
05 Death of Kazim
06 Fix For Bar 65
07 The Tank Chase
08 On The Tank (With Inserts)
09 Indy Vs. Vogel
10 The Canyon of The Crescent Moon
11 The Penitent Man Will Pass
12 The Name of God - The Path of God
13 The Keeper of the Grail
14 The Wrong Choice
15 Letting it Go/End Credits
16 Death of Kazim (Alternate)

Act IV (Bonus Material)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Complete:

Disc 1

1 The Raiders March
2 Paramount Pictures
3 Infiltrating the Warehouse (No SFX!)
4 "Not As Easy As It Used To Be"
5 Wubble-U's
6 Gunpowder
7 Corpse and Betrayal
8 Warehouse Escape (One very quiet, far in the background, sound effect)
9 Doomtown
10 The Mushroom Cloud (No SFX!)
11 Spalko's Dossier
12 Stanforth's Resignation
13 A Thought for Dad - Enter Mutt
14 The Legend of the Golden City
15 A Knife to a Gunfight
16 A Whirl Through Acadame
17 Map - To Peru
18 Nazca Band
19 Oxley's Cell
20 The Graveyard - Grave Guardians
21 Secret Doors and Scorpions - Finding Orellana
22 Discovering the Skull
23 Captured - Hypnosis of the Skull
24 Turning Tables

Disc 2

25 The Snake Pit (With Film Ending - SFX)
26 "They Weren't You"
27 The Jungle Chase (10:55 edition)
28 Ants!
29 Over the Cliff
30 Behind the Rock - Oxley's Revelation
31 Ugha Warriors
32 The Obelisk
33 Disappearing Stairs - This Way - Treasure Room of the Gods
34 The Throne Room
35 Spalko's Gift
36 The Departure (choral portion included - SFX)
37 Knowledge Was Their Treasure (VERY BARELY NO SFX!)
38 The Wedding
39 End Credits
40 Irina Spalko [Concert Suite]
41 The Adventure's of Mutt [Concert Suite]
42 The Crystal Skull [Concert Suite]
43 The Raiders March [Concert Suite]
44 The Secret Revealed Excerpt
45 Unknown Cue Excerpt
46 The Crystal Skull (Concert Suite Alternate)
47 Jungle Chase Excerpt (Alternate Mix)
48 The Raiders March 29th Anniversary Edit
49 Marion's Theme
51 Wubble-U's SFX Removal Test
52 Knowledge Was Their Treasure [Full Stereo - SFX]
53 Spalko's Dossier [Full Stereo - SFX]
54 Infiltrating the Warehouse [Full Stereo - SFX]
55 Gunpowder [Alternate Intro]

do the normal thing for details.

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