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Good to hear that. Because some scenes were really bad quality, sometimes even worse than the VHS, but I have seen the trailers and videos and i'm confident you're right about the new set being better.
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Matinee Idyll
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Flannery, they used quite a bit of colourised historical footage in that episode if I recall correctly.
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Originally Posted by Matinee Idyll
Flannery, they used quite a bit of colourised historical footage in that episode if I recall correctly.
Exactly. Some episodes mixed and matched stock footage from many different sources. On the original airings and on video the differences from shot to shot would not be noticeable. But due to the higher resolution of DVD it will be noticed. I think that was unavoidable. This show was produced at the time when video editing first came to be used. Most TV series from that time have this problem on DVD.

As for the bridging footage - I think it is mostly going to be a problem for those who know the original broadcasts very well. Having watched them more than once. I saw the show a few times on ABC. I really became a fan from the 1999/2000 videos and cable airings. I did not find the transitions between stories to distracting. Of course I had nothing to compare them too. But that is going to be the likely reaction from other new viewers too.
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I never liked the bookends at all either...I feel they really lost Indy's character. They had Indy doing things that were very out of character... ie; Indy going to a hospital for a bee sting. George Halls voice was terrible and had an accent...there are many things wrong with the old Indy segments...But I dont like the hack job re-shoots to fill up the time from the removed old Indy bookends either. They look horrible as you can tell everyone has aged so much in the re-shoots.
I think it would have been better to re-shoot the Old Indy bookends This time being truer to the Indy characteristics with Harrison dressed in make up as a ninety something Indy
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Professor Jones
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Whether they like or not to all of us, the bookends segment were PART of the serie. Undeletable part, it seems, since we're still speaking about them. So it's not erasing them from the dvd set that will make us forget about them. And anyway I believe that once you've presented a serie in a certain way you should mantain it the way it was when you propose it on DVD.

Just some other of us pointed out, I think that if Lucas came, for some reason, disliking them segment, he should at least give to us the opportunity to have 'em in a bonus feature.

I would have kept the serie in the same way it was presented on tv: the short episode I would have mantained that way, with all their bookends.

Besides, the dvd version of the Starsky&Hutch series didn't felt the need to link the episodes two-by-two in some kind of pretestuous "movies-wannabee".
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Originally Posted by Matinee Idyll
Flannery, they used quite a bit of colourised historical footage in that episode if I recall correctly.

Yeah, I thought so. I heard about that some time ago and in that case the quality is understandable. I have never seen the episode on VHS, so I wasn't quiet sure, but thanks for your reply.
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Old 11-13-2007, 12:31 PM   #207
phantom train
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I recently finished watching Volume 1 of the "Young Indiana Jones" DVD set, and was extremely impressed. I saw all of the episodes when they were originally aired on US TV in 1992/1993, and had forgotten how good some of them were.

My thoughts:

* The picture quality/sound on all of these episodes is, overall, superb! Much, much better than the original TV airing and the VHS films from the late 1990's. I was amazed at how much they cleaned the picture up. I remember starting to watch "Travels with Father" on a VHS tape back in the mid 1990's, and not being able to finish watching it because the picture quality was so poor. In watching it now on DVD, it's one of my favorite episodes.

* This is the first time I've seen all of the episodes at once and in order, which is probably the way they were meant to be seen.

* I was surprised that I liked the Correy Carrier episodes as much as I did. I never really cared for these when they first aired, but for some reason I really like them now. It was funny how little Indy kept getting into trouble, and I was especially amused at how he got the better of the would-be horse thief in the China episode.

* I miss the YIJC theme song in the beginning of the episodes (since it's not in any of the tele-films, at least not in it's entirety), but it's cool that they include it on the DVD menu.

* I don't miss the Old Indy (George Hall) bookends. Though it would be interesting to see them on a future DVD set (even though they wouldn't make much sense if taken out of context), they are not necessary and do interrupt the "flow" of the story. They did raise a lot of good questions, though, like: who did Indy marry, and how did he get the eyepatch?

* The only problem I have with these shows are the linking sequences. Most of them are unecessary and jarring, since it was obvious they were filmed at different times. I guess Lucas felt they should be there to connect the various episodes, but they weren't really needed.

* I have to say that I'm glad this show was released on DVD at all - I wanted this on DVD for years, and thought it would never come out. In fact, if there were no new Indiana Jones film coming out next year, I have a strong feeling we would still be waiting for these DVD's, probably indefinitely.

* Lastly, I have to say that, at the time of it's original airing, I thought that "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" was the best TV drama of all time up to that point, and still think so.
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