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yeah he did ---- the final battle in the story was wrapped up in the last two chapters and it just seemed simple and rushed --- and sky pirites i only read half of it --- never finished maybe someday
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Wicca is a pagen art because if that's what the Indy book says about it than that is the truth. Whatever Indy say's is Gospel.
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"The Sky Pirates" felt like Indy pretending to be James Bond while trudging his way through a tech manual. While the author could have written "The plane landed.", instead writes "The plane's gears shifted as a steel strut planted its base into a 2.5 inch silver planet bolt. The tire, inflated to it's peak efficiency, made contact with the ground which was a mix of ground sandstone and shale. The plane had landed."
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I finally finished reading White Witch last night. It was ok, better if the main character's name wasn't Indiana Jones.
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I don't know anything about Wicca, but I really liked the book. I got me hooked on the others. Reading posts on the boards, I find myself to be the minority on this. But the book also tied in the story of Merlin, which I thought was cool.
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Rocket Surgeon
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What's the rating on this book? PG? PG-13?

How graphic or scary does it get?
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Finally finished after giving up 15 years ago. There's enough of an Indy tale in the 300+ pages. 150 would have sufficed. They ride the Zeppelin to the US, then fly to Florida to look for gold lost by the Confederates. The so-called witch from the forest has the Caliburn (not Excalibur), a charged scepter which creates a concealing mist. She also commands animals like Aquaman.
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