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Buy/Sell/Trade Links

This thread is for links to your buy, sell and/or trade lists. Find a site where you can edit your external web pages indefinitely, because the content of your Raven post is permanent. One post per Ravener is allowed and posting will be monitored here.

This is my personal list.

Feedback about this thread should be directed here.
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Indiana Jones want list

I am looking to buy the following Indiana Jones items.

I may have some items listed for trade also.
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My Buy/Sell/Trade List
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Want list

As I upgrade my collection I change the photos with my Want to Buy or Trade for Lists for each album.

There is also an album with things that I have for sale/trade.

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Harrison Ford Autographed Raiders Album w/ COA

I've just recently acquired a Harrison Ford signed Raiders Vinyl w/ COA from a estate sale. Pic is attached of the cover, will send COA if your interested. There is a slight tear on the bottom right of the sleeve, but hardly noticeable.

Anyone that should own this piece, it should be one of you guys/girls!!

It looks like the sleeve has never been opened and there's plastic protecting the album and the signature. Again, its all documented and authenticated.

Last edited by Moedred : 07-24-2014 at 03:25 PM. Reason: Moderator's note: It's okay to list only one item in your lifetime, but not very thoughtful to expect prospective buyers to PM you forever to ask if you still have it.
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I never sell anything, but here goes.

I am selling my Indiana Jones Stern Pinball Machine from 2008. Details are here:

Thanks for looking.
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Selling my Lost Wave prototypes :(

These are fixed price listings on eBay, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here.

I'm selling my Hasbro "Lost Wave" prototypes - plus "Tough Sarge". Hoping to raise some extra funds to take the family to the Mouse House this summer (don't judge me !).

Lot 1 - German Indy & Marion

Lot 2 - Toht & Satipo

Lot 3 - German Mechanic & Tough Sarge

Rock-bottom prices - grab yourself a bargain.
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Harrison Ford Indiana Jones Autograph card for sale in my current store. I list a few items at a time as I tend to move pretty high end collectibles, minus the oddity here or there.

Leprechaun Collectibles

Anything that's high-end like this ships for free, with tracking and insurance.

Leprechaun Collectibles represents 30 years of collecting, selling, and wider involvement in pop culture!

Let us be your first stop for high-end collectibles such as 9.0 and higher CGC's, complete card sets, autographs, props, and vintage toys. We specialize in "completeness", helping collectors round up that perfect collection or hard to find high grade piece!

Thank you, and remember to contact us to help curate your lucky collection today!
Chicago, IL
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Edward The Head
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It's time to start selling off my Indy Collection. I have a good amount of stuff, figures, puzzles, LEGO, computer and console games, TSR games, books, Kenner proof sheets, and many other miscellaneous items. Right now I've only gone through and listed the LEGO and TRS books.

Prices include shipping. List of items for sale. Contact me or PM me for questions or items you might be interested in that I might have. I can also post photos upon request.

I live in Montgomery county, Maryland and might be willing to have people stop by. We can play the Temple of Doom arcade, which is one of the few things not for sale.
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"raiders" marvel comic original art for sale

Hey guys. I have an original page from the Marvel comic adaptation of "ROTLA", by John Buscema, for sale at ebay. In case you're interested, here's the link.
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Framed Flying Wing prop for sale (Propstore of London COA)

Urgently need to offload an original RotLA prop to be able to afford another prop. However, if the other item is snapped up by another buyer, I'll hold on to this.

(Ignore the reflections in the glass at the bottom of the photo. Glass does not have blemishes or scratches).
COA from Propstore of London. Large piece of the Flying Wing from RotLA and superb framing.
Posting from Australia. Please email reasonable offers to
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Indiana Jones Boosk for sale (RPG, novels, guides)

Hey, looking to unload some Indiana Jones books (RPG, novels, guides) and magazines. Complete list with asking prices below. I'm always willing to negotiate individual item prices or deals for bulk buys.

Pictures of items for sale

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Collector's Edition (Borders exclusive) - $15.00
Indiana Jones: The Official Magazine #1 - $3.00
Indiana Jones: The Official Magazine #2 - $3.00
Indiana Jones: The Official Magazine #3 - $3.00
Shadis: The Independent Games Magazine #17 - $2.00
From the Files of Indiana Jones: Crystal Death Adventure Pack RPG - $20.00
From the Files of Indiana Jones: Fourth Nail Adventure Pack RPG - $30.00
From the Files of Indiana Jones: Nepal Nightmare Adventure Pack RPG - $30.00
From the Files of Indiana Jones: The Golden Goddess Adventure Pack RPG - $25.00
Indiana Jones and the Lands of Adventure RPG - $5.00
Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun RPG - $7.00
Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates and Other Tales RPG - $75.00
Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Templars RPG - $10.00
Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook RPG - $10.00
Temple of Doom Sourcebook RPG - $10.00
The World of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game RPG - $15.00
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machines: Prima's Official Strategy Guide - $5.00
Indiana Jones and the Monsters of Mount Sinai - $5.00
Indiana Jones and the Pyramid of the Sorcerer - $5.00
Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants - $3.00
Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - $3.00
Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth - $3.00
Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi - $3.00
Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - $3.00
Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide - $8.00
The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones - $15.00
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I am selling a few Indy books I have, including a vintage 1981 Marvel comic from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Also, I have a couple laserdiscs of Temple and Crusade - excellent condition.

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Looking for

I am trying to rebuild my Indy collection.
I am looking for loose incomplete.
Cemetery warrior
Russian main bad guy. (Can't think of his name)
Crystal skeleton
German machanic.
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Indiana Jones watches.

Hello. I'm looking to buy any and all Indiana jones themed watches and pocket watches. Send me a pm with what you have available.
Thank you!
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Hey guys, im selling authentic replica pages for your Grail diaries. They are uncut and UN weathered. This is for ALL inserts into your Grail Diary including the silver certificate!! Please email me for details.

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I have DVD copies of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles from the 1993 Japanese LaserDisc set. These are the first original 15 episodes as broadcast with old Indy not Lucasfilm re edits from the late '90s, mind you you'll have Japanese subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Also includes a making of.

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