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I don't care if they use a lot of CG effects (and they will), as long as they look real and tangible. What I don't wanna see again is obvious CG creatures like the swinging monkeys and that squinting alien. Other than that, they can do whatever they want, but the action should feel dangerous and perilous, when the heroes get hurt, I wanna be able to root for them. Don't look for a joke in everyone and everything.

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Originally Posted by Dr.Sartorius
TFA had a ton of CGI. And I thought the score was a lot less epic than KOTCS. I think TFA had maybe one or two memorable themes...KOTCS had at least 3 memorable themes IMO.

I just meant TFA captured to the look of the OT a lot better than the Prequels did. The prequels looked nothing like the OT.

For the record, I hated TFA.
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