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Indiana Jones - Numerology Name (Henry) Meaning

Hi all. I'm not really into numerology, but I found this information on the name "Henry" fascinating insight into the character of Indiana Jones. Seems pretty accurate, don't you think? Sorry if it's a little long. Still, discuss.

Indiana Jones - “Henry” - SoulUrge #5

What is Soul Urge Number 5?

The soul urge number is one of the five essential numbers that appears in your Numerology chart. Like many of the other numbers on your Numerology chart, your soul urge number is calculated or derived from the circumstances of your birth.

The soul urge number is an inner number, and tells of things that are going on inside your heart and not necessarily at the level of the conscious mind. In this way, learning your soul urge number may tell you may new and significant things about yourself, many that you may not be aware of consciously.

At your birth, your inner knowing expressed itself by choosing many aspects of your birth circumstances, including where and when you were born.

The date, time and location of your birth are known to be highly significant in many esoteric systems including Astrology and Numerology. Your soul urge number is an important key to understanding the circumstances of your origins and the larger purpose of your life.

How to Find Your Birth Number

Generally, the soul urge number is assigned to people who were born on specific days of the month. Anyone who was born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month. Many numerologists, however, calculate the soul urge number by analyzing the letters in your birth name.

This is done by assigning values to all of the vowels in the birth name determined from a Numerological letter chart and adding them together. Either way, the soul urge number is a reflection of the circumstances surrounding your origins as you emerged from spirit into the world of form.

The number 5 is the number of the seeker, one who is adventurous and sensual and can sometimes even be addictive.

Five is connected with the five physical senses through which we can perceive the world. In Buddhism, and other spiritual systems, these five senses are seen as fetters holding people back from the attainment of spiritual wisdom. In this way, the number 5 is associated with a deep duality that is present in every human being between the pleasures of the senses and inner or spiritual fulfillment.

The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 5

Soul urge number 5 is associated with a deep desire for freedom. The number 5 is most often associated with the five senses. In spiritual traditions from all over the world, the spirit is seen as being imprisoned in the flesh and bound to sense perception. This is why the 5th card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot is The Pope or Hierophant card, representing the duality of physical and spiritual being that resides in all of us. As a seeker of life experiences, one with a soul urge number of 5 is likely to find that spiritual pleasures are only temporary and that what they really desire in spiritual fulfillment.

What Does Soul Urge Number 5 Say About You?

You are always on the lookout for excitement – Though many people depend on routines, someone with a 5 energy in their chart is likely to always be on the lookout for adventure.

You can adapt to almost anything – While many people have trouble adapting to the least inconvenience, relying heavily on routine for their security, you are one who has no trouble enduring financial insecurity if it means that can heed the call of adventure at any time.

You move around a lot – Being attracted to the adventurous and unusual, you are more likely to move around from place to place, job to job, than you are to take routine work and submit yourself to a so-called ‘normal’ lifestyle.

You are challenged by responsibility – Being an adventurer at heart, you see no reason why you should be tied down, making commitments to a single place or person. This can make having committed relationships difficult for you.

You have an incredible imagination – You are resourceful and imaginative. The solutions to problems tend to appear instantly in your mind.

You sometimes become too easy going and laid-back – The 5 energy can be scattered because those who are subject to 5 energy become easily distracted by sensory pleasures. Your challenge is to actually finish what you start.

Understanding Messages From Spirit

Having a soul urge number of 5 means that you are a seeker. Early in life you may be a seeker of enjoyments and amusements, sensual delights and physical pleasures. However, in the context of the larger spiritual journey, the soul urge number five may be telling you to seek out a spiritual master who can convey the deeper meaning of our time-bound experience. You may have been hung up on trivial details in a previous life and missed out on sensual pleasures and meaningful adventures.

A soul urge number of 5 may mean that in this life you are to go on a spiritual journey that could take you to many places and introduce you to many spiritually realized beings. The Major Arcana Tarot figure that is associated with the soul urge number 5 is The Pope, in some decks known as The Hierophant. The Hierophant was the keeper of the mysteries of Eleusis, one whose tradition was ancient and associated with the deepest human wisdom known. The soul urge number 5 may represent a larger calling from your soul, God, the Angels or Source, to seek the esoteric and mystical traditions with the same energy that you sought pleasure in your youth. Your soul urge number may be the key to a life of spiritual fulfillment and deep, lasting happiness.

Indiana Jones: “Henry” - Expression #7

Number 7 as an Expression number shows an analytic, pragmatic and intellectual person. You are direct and honest, so you demand it from people around. You can make a great judge or journalist. You are very attentive and curious that in combination with analytical skills makes you understand things profoundly. Though you see more, you never try to disturb others or violate their privacy.

Your curiosity and sense of justice let you seek for information that is important for everyone, especially if it is hidden. You always see more than others, so you are on one step ahead in every situation. If you are keen about something, you will become almost a professional in it, because you will start to read, to learn more and to investigate. You can be a teacher that changes lives of the students, as you are so inspirational and energetic that it is hardly to find someone better for guiding people.

You are a weirdo for some people just because they can only guess what you are thinking about. During your life you can be identified as friendly and positive person in harmony with yourself and the world. You care about your privacy and don't want strangers in your life. This number has pleasant positive features. You like logical order in everything, so you always know where you can find anything at your house, the same is about the structure of your mind, as you have logical associations with things you need to remember. However, you can be too logical and rational that you protect yourself from emotions, even if you deprive yourself of something good.

If you have a lot of 7s in your chart it may be manifested through lack of trust to other people and emotional estrangement. Due to such aloofness you can be an introvert in the most negative meaning of this word, you may be alone as a result and feel lack of warm communication.
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In closing for the night, I have to say that I am absolutely amazed at the insight the above information provides regarding Indy's personality. It seems to fit him exactly-- I mean, it's downright uncanny. Indy a "weirdo?" I guess it's a possibility... who can figure anyone out nowadays, anyway...
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