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Indy Parise
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Help Tracking someone.

A few days ago, my friend Chris and I decided to explore an old abandoned pickup truck in the woods behind my house. The truck has been there since I moved here and I never really paid attention to it. I always assumed that the doors were locked, but we tried them and they weren't. We dug through some of the stuff in the glove compartment and door compartments and found the owners papers which are now next to me on my desk by my computer. The truck is a 1988 Ford F-350. The last time it had an inspection was in 1998. It's tires are dug into the ground and it looks like it had hit a tree that is in front of it. The owners name is Sean Adanatzian and his last known adress (at least to us) is 380 west 11th street Ship Bottom NJ. The truck's plates read FCS-56U. The owner also had visited Disney World when Worlds of Motion was still in Epcot, we know this from a park map we found in the glove compartment. If anyone can help track this man down it would be a great help and any info on stolen trucks in N.J. between 1998 and 2000 would be appreciated. This is not some fake Spam message. I'll post picks of the truck and will be sending the Pics to Weird New Jersey magazine. Thanks.
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Found him. 354 West 7th St. Hopefully this Ford still has a few miles left on it.
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