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The Stranger
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Question Stargate 2

Sorry for those who didn't notice the question mark, but... no, "Stargate 2" has not been announced yet.
It's just that yesterday, while I was surfing on the internet, I happened to read an old news about the possible sequel to the beloved Stargate film.
I remember having already read that news at the time it was announced (2006), but, well, finding it again had the obvious effect of refreshing my memory about it.

A couple years ago, at the San Diego ComicCon 2006, Dean Devlin, co-creator and writer of the first film, expressed a desire to bring back on screen what he originally envisioned as a trilogy.
So, he basically said that back in 1994 he was planning to do at least a sequel to the Stargate film. He said that the premises were pretty good and that he hoped to enlist Kurt Russell and James Spader - the two main protagonists - for the new film(s). He said that if ever done, "Stargate 2" and "Stargate 3" would not fit the well established canonicity of the several Stargate-themed TV series, but would instead develop a completely new continuity for the franchise.
He also added that he had some interesting ideas, and that the new film(s) would no more center on the egyptian mythology, but leave the adventure open to a myriad of new possibilities.

Now, it's ages since I last saw Stargate, but when I was younger I liked it a lot. I've never been a great fan of the TV series (you know, I'm not a fan of TV series in general) but the episodes I've seen through the years were pretty entertaining.
No doubts I think a hypothetical Stargate trilogy, if well done, could be potentially great.
So, I was wondering: what about Stargate 2?? Would you be interested in it??
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After watching Stargate SG1, I absolutely can't stand Kurt Russel playing O'Neill anymore. Richard Dean Anderson is the real O'Neill to me now. Every time I re-watch Stargate I wish RDA was in it. And I was a big fan of the movie before the tv show came out. (James Spader vs Michael Shanks doesn't bother me so much for the movie.)

I like the direction the tv show took Stargate, and I think a lot of people would rather have a movie in continuity with the show. (It lasted 10 years and spawned 2 spinoffs, after all.) I think it's too late to start a new continuity from that movie (and if I remember right, the movie itself wasn't super popular at the time. I think it really was the tv show that made it popular.) But if "Stargate 2" was in continuity with the SG1 and Atlantis, then yes, I would definitely be interested.

And if that was the case, it makes no sense to have Kurt Russel and James Spader play the characters that we've come to know and love as played by Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks. KR and JS may have originated the roles, but RDA and MS made them their own. Too late to go back now.
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I've never heard anything about a continuation of the first film but there have already been 2 films continuing on from SG-1 after the series ended. there also going to be film on Atlantis after the the season finishes which is also the last season.
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Ive never been a fan of the show but I loved the movie and would definitely pay to see a sequel.
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Z dweller
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I messed up the video format, sorry.

Can you fix it, o wise mods?
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Got the link from that workplace unsafe "news" site.
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