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Blade 1, 2 or 3?

Which is your favorite Blade movie?
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Posts: 471 has the best action, best FX, and the best comic relief...Ryan Reynolds. It also has the best ending for a sequal,

WARNING: Thar be spoilers ahead, arrrgh.

Whistler is "dead", the morningstar didn't kill all the vampires, and Blade motoring down the street. It was great...

F***k You

This movie was sweet...
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Blade Runner
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EvilDevo! You beat me to that one!

Yeah - BladeRunner is in all ways the best movie with "Blade" in the title. I have no love for the Blade Trilogy - in fact, vampire movies in general do nothing for me, EXCEPT F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu - THAT is a CREEPY movie.

Underworld - Blech
Interview w/a Vampire - DOUBLE Blech
Blade Trilogy - Medicore with a slight yawn
Dracula (every version) - Shrug
All others fall into obscurity in my memory.
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Wedge Antilles
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questions about 'Blade' (1998) includes spoilers

I've seen Blade a few times and there are a few things about the movie I don't quite understand.

My first question is, near the end of the movie how is Blade able to kill his mother using a human bone? Or was it a vampire bone? I've heard of sunlight, garlic, crosses, and wooden stakes being used as weapons against vampires but I don't think I have heard of vampires having a weakness to human bones.

Also, when Karen offers her blood for Blade to drink in order to revive him, why doesn't she become a vampire as a result of Blade drinking her blood? Is it because Blade is not fully a vampire?
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I had never seen them until recently. My wife grew up watching them and we decided to watch through the series. I think the first one was probably my favorite.
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