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Triceratops the most famous of the ceratopsians or horned dinosaurs, has a large frill or shield behind it's head. The function of it has been debated about for years. Some paleontologists think the shields are for defense from the large predators that lived around them. Another idea some had were that shield's were used by males to attrack mates. Some others also think the frill was used to cool the dinosaur down. Like the ears of the African elephant, howver a recent find in China is causing may paleontologists to rethink the function on the frill.
The find is a small ceratopsian the size of which is the size of the beagle. It's frill is small, and it has no horns. The new ceratopsian is called Liaoceratops, it has markings on it's frill which has powerful muscles that attacked to the jaws. All ceratopsians had parrot like beaks, and strong jaws. The new find shows that the frill of ceratopsians had large muscles attachments which would have helped the ceratopsians eat fibrous plants like cycads and palms. The sheilds of ceratopsians may have been used to help them eat.
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