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Passing Young Indy on to the next generation

Just curious if any of you guys with kids in your life have taken a shot at sharing Young Indy with them?

My 7 year-old has seen and liked most of the Corey Carrier movies. Before we watched them, I had bought a box of the Pro Set YIJC trading cards off of ebay for like 3.99 and let him open a pack a day to work on building his own complete set, which he loved. This provided some of the context and introduced the characters associated with 8 year-old Indy- Mom, Dad, Ned, Miss Seymour.

I feel like he still might be too young to enjoy the Sean Flannery episodes based on themes like war and love, but we’ll see. I also have about five of the old Random House Young Indy novelizations based on those episodes which I’m thinking about reading him at bedtime in the near future, or at least before we give those episodes a shot. Buf of course, if he’s not into it, can’t force it.

Anyway, I found this chronological approach to Indy interesting. Most of us met Indy as Harrison Ford, then enjoyed the chronicles and expanded universe later on. In my son’s case, he met Indy as an 8 year-old, and if he likes the SPF episodes, will see him age into his 20s, until finally we hit that sweet spot when we get to watch Raiders, TOD, Last Crusade and Crystal Skull together. After that, we'll head over to StooTV and binge-watch the Old Indy Chronicles.

Looking forward!
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Hi Tasse,

Because of my age (born in '96), and the fact that I have no children of my own, I can't really comment on my experience(s) in 'passing Young Indy to the next generation', as I am in a way, the generation that is just seeing it for the first time (though, as evidenced in your thread, there are still people younger than me who are seeing it too, which is awesome).

I have to say I am fascinated with your 'experiment'. Like most, I was also introduced to Harrison's Indy first! I was aware of the TV show growing up, and even got to see a couple of episodes that my older cousin had on on VHS tapes (the re-branded "The Complete/The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones" from 1999). Unfortunately though, at the time, I wasn't crazy about it since I wasn't mature enough to appreciate it. "Where were the collapsing temples?", I would ask, "Where's the lost relics, the booby traps, the melting faces, the evil Nazis, etc."? Because it seldom resembled the Indiana Jones I knew, I largely disregarded and ignored it for a long time.

Come late 2012/early 2013, the hype for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had dwindled, and I had been craving another Indy binge! With little hope for an Indy 5 at the time, I decided to give Young Indy another shot. Wow! Am I ever glad I did! Now, it might just be my favorite TV Show of all time! I've since re watched the entire series twice! Watching it as a late teen/young adult may have helped me to connect with it more (especially with the SPF episodes). At the time I was having my own disillusions with life and seeing Young Indy go through similar trials helped the show resonate with me.

I'm sorry to say that I've never been particularly fond of the Corey Carrier episodes. I agree with the popular consensus that those episodes are largely "slow and 'lecturish'" (except for Travels with Fatherwhich is actually one of my favorite in the whole series). The fact that you're seven year old child is enjoying them right now, has me floored! He must have a really good attention span to be able to sit through them with such ease! That really speaks volumes, as its an effort for me at my age to get through them!

I'm running my mouth off here, so I'll finish up: I admire the approach you are taking to introducing Indiana Jones, the character to you're son. It's a unique way, I think, to grow up with the series and to witness it change and evolve. And, I hope he enjoys watching that process unfold before him! But seriously, if you haven't yet introduced him to the film series, then what the hell is wrong with you and you're parenting??? (Lol, just kidding!)

Best wishes,
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