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So, I just happened to find someone's old Topps trading card collection at a yard sale. Had all of the original 90 cards on the checklist. An interesting one has some concept art that seems to imply that mutt falls through the floor when they find the Skull for the first time. That seems to imply that there was at least 1 other booby trap planned for filming. On a side note, another one of the cards says that during the jungle chase, Spalko throws a rapier at Indy only to have Mutt save him with the magnetic powers of the skull. Anyone familiar with that particular "possibly" filmed scene?
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I like the movie, but I was disappointed with the lack of booby traps. One of my favorite moments of the trailer during the prerelease hype was when they showed the clip of and Indy and Mutt entering the tombs which goes like:

Indy: This is incredible!
Mutt: Unreal!
*Indy puts his hand in front of Mutt*
Indy: Don't touch anything!

I smiled at that, even chuckled because it immediately brought to mind Indy/Short Round and the spike room scene, and it made me ecstatic about the potential iconic death traps we'd see. Sadly, when then scene in the movie came nothing really followed it. It was a missed opportunity as it was a perfect time to have placed an iconic death trap. Sure there was a scorpion and levitating ground, but it was still missing something big.

Ironically the only really great booby trap in the movie is the spiraling obelisk, which makes less sense as it gives you the impression the aliens don't want the skull returned.
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