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New Indy Themed Game " Deadfall Adventures"

I beleive I heard about this game here or over at COW but I just got my copy of Deadfall Adventures for the Xbox 360. I'm at work but I will post and let you know if it's worth purchasing. It took awhile to get here as it was advertised as to coming out back on Sept. 27th and then Nov. 15th this year but must have been some hold up with Nordic Games. Looking forward to playing this, I'll let you guys know. In the mean time you can check out minor game play and screen shots at youtube just punch in Deadfall Adventures.
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I got to try the demo of this game on xbox. Whilst the story seems like an enjoyable Indy inspired romp, this game suffers from many technical problems, which put me off from owning it even on novelty factor.

However, a pc version does exist (and would fix many of those things). Also, a ps3 version will be coming out down the line that is said to be a superior version, which enhanced visuals, more levels etc.

The multiplayer did seem a little more inspired then the likes of tomb raider and uncharted, but again it all technically falls flat.

A shame really. The gameplay didn't interest me either, especially with the poor implementation of alan wake's light mechanics.


Overall, it's an adventure-inspired game, I didn't come in high expectations, it could've easily been legendary if it were the 'Jack Hunter' or 'The Librarian' of adventure games. But alas, it's more like 'Alan Quartermain and the temple crystal skull" or Sinbad starring Lou Ferrigno xD
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