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1980s Mysteries of the Unknown books

These Time-Life Books came up once before. There were 33 books from 1987 to 1991 and the commercials alone have their own following. Skywalker Ranch probably houses many books sourced in the bibliographies, but for a cursory search for MacGuffins they're all one would need. X-Files definitely pillaged them.

There are other books inspired by von Däniken and In Search Of with just "Mysteries" or "Unknown" in the title. National Geographic of all publishers grabbed the hype way back in 1979. Readers Digest had at least three books in the 80s and a series of 12 in the 90s. Mysteries of the Unexplained is probably the most widely owned and remembered.
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I remember those books. They had black covers didn't they?

I've almost got all of Time Life's western series completed but a few volumes still elude me as their print run was less.
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I had a large number of the Lost Civilizations books but had to part with them in a move from Maryland to New Jersey.
starting to really regret that decision now
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